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The Terra DC fast chargers product line is distinct, providing a diverse range of ratings to cater to various needs. They are purposefully designed to offer convenient charging for all electric vehicles, even those with high-voltage battery systems in future models. Their compact size makes them particularly well-suited for urban environments, and they offer the flexibility to upgrade charging power to as much as 180kW. Additionally, these chargers have the capability to charge up to three vehicles simultaneously, enhancing their efficiency and practicality.

Power levels

50 kW

90 kW

120 kW / 60 kW shared

180 kW / 90 kW shared

Charging standards


CCS-only single outlet

CCS-only dual outlet

User access / payment

OCPP Integration

RFID card reader

PIN via Web Tools

Autocharge/ Free Vending

Cable management

Factory or field install

Reliable, tested system

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