E v P l e x u s


The EV Plexus Operated Model is the epitome of turnkey EV charging solutions, offering a comprehensive, hands-off approach for partners, while ensuring best-in-class service and infrastructure.

Main benefits

Complete ownership and provision of charging infrastructure by EVPLEXUS.

Expert viability assessment of each potential site by EVPLEXUS.

Hassle-free management and funding by EVPLEXUS, freeing partners from operational concerns.

Consistent and competitive charging pricing set by EVPLEXUS.

Full financial coverage for electricity and all related activities by EVPLEXUS.

Main features

Standard provision of three DC fast charging points.

Entirely managed, operated, and funded by EVPLEXUS.

Transparent charging price structure determined by EVPLEXUS.

Comprehensive electricity cost coverage by EVPLEXUS.

A solid commitment with a minimum term of 10 years, ensuring a lasting partnership.

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