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The Terra DC Wallbox offers a futureproof investment by providing high-voltage charging for a wide range of current and upcoming electric vehicles. Its compact design makes it suitable for various use cases, including residential applications, while ensuring safety and reliability.

Main benefits

Futureproof investment supporting current and future EVs with high voltage charging

Space-savings with easy-to-install design

Broad range of connectivity options

Remote software updates

Certified with EMC Class B protection for safe use in residential areas

Main features

Complying with CE standards

0 – 22.5 kW, 24 kW (peak) / 60A

Charging voltage: CCS 150 – 920 V DC, CHAdeMO 150 – 500 V DC

Protection IP54

Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, ground-fault, surge protection, PE continuity monitoring and leakage current monitor protection integrated

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